Pakistan Help To Turkey: Blessed is Pakistan! Turkey ridiculed in the name of aid, sent back the relief material provided in ad


Due to poverty Pakistan has become very pathetic condition (Pakistan economic crisis). The citizens here have been given two meals a day. Even in such a situation, Pakistan does not fail to show its false image. This has been proved by sending aid to Turkey earthquake. Pakistan has sent relief material to earthquake affected Turkey, but now Pakistan is being trolled for those relief material. Look what Pakistan has done.

Sent its relief material to Turkey

Pakistan has sent relief material to earthquake-hit Turkey. It has sent 21 containers containing winter tents, blankets and other essential items. When these relief materials were opened, it was found that these materials were sent to Pakistan from Turkey. Earlier, after the floods in Pakistan, Turkey had sent relief material to Pakistan, which was repackaged by Pakistan and sent to Turkey. Pakistan’s senior journalist Shahir Manzoor has claimed in a news channel that Pakistan’s stamp is on Turkish goods.

Turkey helped Pakistan last year

He said the aid sent from Islamabad to Ankara was similar to the aid Turkey sent to Pakistan after last year’s floods. During the discussion on TV, he said that the aid had a tag of the Government of Pakistan, but when people opened it, they found that ‘From Turkey with Love…’ was written.

there, Despite Turkey’s refusal, the Prime Minister of Pakistan reached Ankara two days ago, where he met the President of Turkey. Soon after the devastating earthquake in Turkey, Shehbaz Sharif announced his visit to Turkey, following which the Turkish side said that their administration was trying to get the country out of the flood. In such a situation, we may fail to provide hospitality to the Prime Minister of another country.

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