Paragliding In Kullu: Paragliding took the life of a woman, she died after falling from a height of 250 meters


New Delhi: A woman from Telangana fell on the roof of her house while paragliding in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Due to which he lost his life. Initial investigation has revealed that the safety belt opened while paragliding, due to which she fell from a height of about 250 meters. Kullu Tourism Officer Sunaina Sharma said that this incident happened due to human error. The selection of place and equipment for paragliding were fine. The pilot was also registered and there was no weather related problem.

The police have started investigating the matter and have arrested the paraglider pilot. Orders have also been given to conduct a magistrate’s inquiry into the incident. The body of the woman has been identified as that of 26-year-old Navya, wife of P Sai Mohan. She lived with her husband P Sai Mohan in house number 173 Shilpa B Rundawna Colony Zaheerabad District Sanga Reedy Telangana. After the death of the woman, Dhobi paragliding site has been banned till further orders.

Paragliding activities were banned

Dhobi is one of the most popular paragliding sites in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. In the last few years, many accidents have been reported at this place. In view of the increase in the number of accidents, the Himachal Pradesh High Court had banned all paragliding activities in January 2022

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