People are shocked to hear the price of lemon, know how many lemons are available in your city for 10 rupees


Business News Desk, The king of the kitchen in summer, lemon has already started making people cry. For the last few days, people have started getting shocked to hear the price of lemon. Talking about Delhi, lemon, which was available at Rs 80 to 100 per kg in the month of January, is now being sold at Rs 150 to 170 per kg. With the increase in the price in the wholesale market, the price of lemon has increased in the retail market as well. Two months ago, 3 to 4 lemons were available in the market for 10 rupees, but now only two lemons are available for this much money. There two good lemons are available for 10 rupees. Big and beautiful lemons are now available in the retail market for Rs.10 to 15.

what do traders say
Talking to News 18 Hindi, Varun Chowdhary, the trader of Azadpur vegetable market, says, there is no lemon in the market. For the last few days, the arrival of lemon was same as before, but the demand has increased in the market. Lemon is not being supplied according to the consumption in the market. About a month back, lemon was available at Rs 60-70 per kg in Azadpur mandi, but now it is available at more than three times the price.

what the buyer has to say
Pooja Kaushik, who lives in Ghaziabad’s Vaishali sector, says, ‘The rising price of lemon has increased the concern. We buy lemons from Sahibabad Sabzi Mandi. For the last few days, the price of lemon has also increased here. If the situation remains the same, after May-June people will face the challenge of buying lemons for more than Rs 200 per kg.

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