People died after watching this horror movies, must read


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Most people abstain from horror movies..but there are some people who do not fear and become helpless, they go to the horror movie in the cinema hall … Today we will introduce you to such a news .. Yes, today We will tell you about the Top 5 horror movie, which people gave their lives while watching … So let’s start this series.

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1- The first released movie will be ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ –


A 77-year-old elder dies after watching Hollywood horror movie ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ The name of the deceased is Bernard Channing. He lived in the UK and had come to Thailand for the holidays. He had just come to watch the movie When the light was burnt after the film was over, the woman sitting next to him saw that he was dead on his seat.

2- The second horror movie is- ‘The conjuring’



A 65-year-old man was killed when watching this film in Tamil Nadu’s Thiruvannamalai. This movie was based on the diary of ghost catch Ed Warren and Lauren Warren. The story was based on a very dangerous ghostly incident in London in England in 1977, in which a ghost of Pagi is the name of a ghost on the daughter’s daughter.

3-Third film Joe of Tamil and its name is ‘Raju Gari Gadi’


Amarnath, a private tutor living in Hyderabad, lost his life while watching the film. According to the doctors’ report, his death was due to cardiac arrest. The story line of the film was that a television channel organizes a reality show in the ghostly bungalow so that the secret of deaths in that bungalow can be ascertained. After this, dangerous incidents occur with people participating in the show and each one of them begins to die in a mysterious way.

4- Now talk of the fourth number movie .. Its name is – ‘Bhoot’


Seeing this film of Ramgopal Verma, a middle-aged man died in Delhi. The reason was to stop beating. The story of this movie was the ghost of Manjeet, who came to Urmila Matondkar’s body. Manjeet’s death had fallen from the same flat, in which Urmila and Ajay Devgn reached for living.

5-Now finally talk about Hollywood horror movies- ‘The Rider of Skull’


Seeing a movie in the Royal Theater, a man died due to heart failure. The story of the film was of the human wolf, the Vampire and the uncircumcised Horsemen, who attack people


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