People who drink less water should definitely consume these five things, dehydration will be avoided


According to the dietician, it is recommended to drink at least two liters of water a day, but it is not possible for everyone to drink two liters of water daily. This is the reason that if someone feels thirsty then someone is less. It is a matter of fact that people who are less thirsty will also drink less water. In such a way, you should add some such things to your diet to meet the lack of water in the body. Let us know some similar diet-


Curd may prove to be the best option to keep away from the problem of dehydration. It contains 85 percent water content and also contains sufficient amount of probiotics necessary for the body. It also helps the body to protect against heat allergies. It is a good source of protein, vitamin B and calcium.


Broccoli contains up to 89 percent water and is rich in nutrition. Its nature is anti inflammatory, due to which it protects against heat allergies. You can eat it raw only in salads and you can also take full advantage of it by toasting them lightly with toast. A large number of people also make its vegetable.



There is a saying that eat an apple daily to keep the doctor away from yourself. In many ways, apples contain 86 percent water. It is a good source of fiber, vitamin C etc.


Salad leaves contain 95 percent water content. It is well used in sandwiches. A salad full of protein and omega 3 does not contain fat and calories are also very low.


Cooked rice is also very beneficial for you in summer. They contain 70 percent water content. They also contain sufficient amount of iron, carbohydrates etc. You should definitely eat a bowl of rice during the day.

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