Period Poverty: This country has made sanitary products free for women, Will this happen in India?


Period Poverty:  There are many countries in the world where new laws and resources are brought for the benefit of women. Every government of every country has always put the responsibility of protecting the women of our country at the top. So now in this order, the Parliament of Scotland has introduced a revolutionary law. In which a new law has been passed for women to distribute free products related to their hygiene. This step has been taken at such a time. When according to many charity organizations, it is being said that the ‘period nature’ is increasing during the epidemic.

Let me tell you that with the passage of the law, Scotland has become the first country in the world to give menstrual products for free. The Scottish Parliament has voted in favor of this period products bill with the consent of all. Under this, sanitary products will be delivered free of cost in public buildings.

Before voting, Member of Parliament Monica Lennon said that we all agree that no one should worry about where their next tampon or sanitary pad is going to meet again. Lennon introduced this bill in Parliament in April 2019.


Under the law, menstrual products will also be kept in community centers, youth clubs, toilets and pharmacies. Tampons and sanitary pads will be made available at fixed places for women and women and women will be able to get these items for free.

This new law of Scotland has become a cause for the whole world. However, such schemes have also been run in India. But till now they have access only to the students studying in the school. And in many states, it is not so. Still, in many hundreds of villages of the country, women use unhygienic items during the time of their menstruation. Due to which their life is also threatened.

So now it has to be seen how many more countries like the Scottish Government bring this law.

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