PM Modi gave success mantra to NCC-NSS cadets, said- Nation building is your responsibility


Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with NCC cadets, NSS volunteers, tribal guests and stage artists. Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi said that in the last few weeks I got a chance to meet the youth. Dialogue with youth is important for me for two reasons, one is because youth have energy, freshness, enthusiasm and innovation. All the positivity spread by the youth keeps me motivated. Second, the youth represent the aspirations and dreams of the country. The biggest beneficiaries of a developed India are also the youth. The biggest responsibility of building the country is also on the shoulders of the youth.

PM Modi said that NCC and NSS are such organizations which connect the young generation with national goals and national concerns. The whole country has experienced how the volunteers of NCC and NSS increased the capacity of the country during the Corona period.

He said that the new opportunities that the youth are getting in the country today are unprecedented. The country is running campaigns like Startup India, Make in India and Self-reliant India. From space sector to environmental and climate related challenges, India is working for the future of the whole world today.

The PM said that our India is also presiding over the G-20 this year. This is a big opportunity for India. You also read about it, discuss it in school-college. At this time, the country is moving forward with pride in its heritage and determination to free itself from the mindset of slavery.

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