PM Modi reached Banswara district of Rajasthan made this big announcement ..

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PM Modi, who reached Banswara district of Rajasthan, made a big announcement on Tuesday. Modi paid tribute to freedom fighter Shri Govind Guru at Mangarh Dham. Along with this, Modi has declared Mangarh Dham as a national monument while making a big announcement. Modi joined the ‘Gaurav Gatha of Mangarh Dham’. During this, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, Tezzbuzz CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel were also present.

Coming to Mangarh pleasant for all of us- Modi

PM Modi said that it is inspiring and pleasant for all of us to come to Mangarh Dham in the ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ of independence. Mangarh Dham is a reflection of the tenacity, sacrifice, penance and patriotism of the tribal heroes and heroes. This is the common heritage of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tezzbuzz and Maharashtra.

Guru Gobind was the hero of millions of tribals

Modi said that a great freedom fighter like Govind Guru was representative of India’s traditions and ideals. He was not the king of any princely state but he was the hero of lakhs of tribals. In his life he lost his family, but never lost his courage.

The genocide was the culmination of the brutality of the British rule.

The PM further said that the massacre that took place in Mangarh on 17 November 1913 was the culmination of the brutality of the British rule. Thinking of making the world a slave, on this hill of Mangarh, the British government surrounded more than 1500 people and put them to death. Unfortunately, this sacrifice of tribal society did not get the place it deserves in history. Today the country is filling that gap. The past, history, present and future of India is not complete without tribal society. Every page of our freedom struggle, the pages of history are full of tribal valor. Modi said, ‘That contemplation, that understanding of Govind Guru, is being published in Mangarh Dham in unbroken form even today in the form of his Dhuni. The ideals of Samp Sabha continue to inspire solidarity, love and brotherhood even today. In 1780, under the leadership of Tilka Manjhi, the Damin War was fought in Santhal. In 1830-32, the country witnessed the Larka movement under the leadership of Budhu Bhagat. In 1855, the same flame of independence lit up in the form of the Sidhu-Kanhu revolution. Lord Birsa Munda ignited the flame of freedom among lakhs of tribals.

Need to work for tribals: Modi

The PM said that the expansion and role of tribal society in the country is so big that we need to work for it with a dedicated spirit. From Rajasthan and Gujarat to Northeast and Orissa, today the country is working with a clear policy to serve the diverse tribal society.

What did Ashok Gehlot say?

Earlier, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot said that if the Prime Minister goes to many countries of the world, then he gets a lot of respect and why does he get respect? Because Modi ji is the Prime Minister of that country which is Gandhi’s country, where the roots of democracy are strong. He said that the history that has been created in Mangarh Dham has been written in the golden letters of the country.

Witness the heinous carnage of British rule

Mangarh is a witness to the heinous massacre of the British rule. On 17 November 1913, the British suddenly opened fire on the unarmed tribals. At that time, thousands of tribals had gathered in the meeting of Guru Gobind on the Mangarh hill. Then the British soldiers surrounded them and started firing suddenly. It is said that around 1500 tribals were killed in this massacre.

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