Police broke the door into Imran Khan’s house, former Pakistani PM has gone to Islamabad for hearing on Toshakha case


In Pakistan, from Lahore to Islamabad, there is a tremendous commotion on Saturday. As soon as Imran Khan left Lahore to appear in the Toshakha case, the police broke the door of his house and entered. At the same time, three vehicles of Imran’s convoy heading towards Islamabad collided with each other, injuring several people. However, Imran Khan’s vehicle was not damaged and the former Prime Minister of Pakistan is completely safe.


Internet shutdown in Islamabad, firing inside Imran Khan’s house

According to Pakistan media report, firing has been done on the police team from inside Imran’s house. Petrol bombs were also thrown at the police. Also, there is a huge crowd of Imran supporters outside the court in Islamabad. Islamabad police have started arrests. Not only this, the internet service has also been stopped in Islamabad. It is reported that as soon as the police broke the door of Imran’s house with a crane, Imran’s supporters present there started pelting stones at the police. After stone pelting, the police resorted to baton charge.

Police have used force to remove Imran Khan’s supporters from Zaman Park, home of Imran Khan in Lahore, it is reported that Imran’s convoy has been stopped by placing containers at the entry point of Islamabad. Only Imran Khan’s vehicle is allowed to enter the judicial complex. A security vehicle is allowed to accompany. But the support is adamant on going with Imran. Arrangements have been made to stop the convoy by placing containers in four layers from the toll plaza to the judicial complex.

On Saturday, a bulldozer overturned Imran Khan’s house in Lahore and the police broke the door of his house and entered the house. Along with this, Imran’s convoy was stopped at the toll plaza before entering Islamabad. Imran Khan made a serious accusation against the Shehbaz Sharif government and said, “A conspiracy is being formed to arrest me. I believe in law. The government’s intentions are not clear. Police raided my house in Lahore. My wife Bushra Begum is alone at home. Under which law are the police acting? “

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