Police engaged in solving the mystery of Satish Kaushik’s death, then sent notice to Vikas’s wife


Satish Kaushik Death: According to Saanvi, on August 23, 2022, Satish Kaushik met her husband in Dubai and demanded Rs 15 crore back from him.

veteran bollywood actor Satish Kaushik Has passed away. Delhi Police is probing the actor’s death case. The police has sent a notice to Saanvi, the second wife of Satish Kaushik’s friend Vikas Malu, to join the investigation again. Delhi Police officials have called Saanvi for questioning. Saanvi had alleged that her husband Vikas Malu was planning to get rid of Satish Kaushik. He had borrowed Rs 15 crore from Kaushik and did not want to return it.

According to the police, the postmortem report states that the preliminary cause of death is a heart attack. According to Saanvi, her husband introduced her to Kaushik. On August 23, 2022, Satish Kaushik met her husband in Dubai and demanded Rs 15 crore back from him. During this there was a heated argument between the two.

Saanvi said that when the argument was taking place between the two, she was present in the drawing room. My husband had promised Kaushik to return the money. However, Vikas Malu had assured Kaushik at that time that he would repay the money soon. Saanvi told that when I talked to my husband about this, he said that during the Covid epidemic, all Kaushik’s money was over. During this he had said that he wanted to get rid of Kaushik.

Vikas Malu had lost all Satish’s money: Saanvi

Kaushik died of a heart attack on Thursday at the age of 66. His health deteriorated on Wednesday night itself, after which he was taken to Fortis Hospital in Gurugram. However, he had died before reaching the hospital. The police officer said that the investigation so far has revealed that Kaushik along with his manager Santosh Rai had come to Delhi around 10 am on Wednesday and stayed at his friend’s house in Bijwasan. (with language input)

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