Post office scheme: Government is giving full 7 lakh rupees to those who put money in Post Office, big announcement, know full n


Post office scheme : People consider post office as a better investment option. If you also want to invest in a scheme that gives guaranteed returns, then you can invest in the National Savings Certificate of the Post Office. There is no limit on your investment in this scheme. In this, you can also open more than one account. You get tax exemption up to Rs 1.5 lakh. In this scheme, you get a return of up to Rs 2 lakh on an investment of Rs 5 lakh. Let us tell you about this plan.

What is National Savings Certificate Scheme?

It is a savings scheme run by the government. You can invest in this scheme for up to 5 years. This is a high interest scheme. There is no risk of losing your money in this savings plan. In this, the money is returned by adding your deposit money and total interest on maturity. In this you are not exposed to market risk.

Will get 7 lakhs on deposit of 5 lakhs

If you deposit Rs 5 lakh in this scheme, you will get Rs 7 lakh on maturity after 5 years. In this scheme, an account can be opened from Rs 1000. In this, you get an interest of up to Rs 2,01,276 on an investment of Rs 5 lakh. You can open this scheme from any post office where there is facility to open savings account.

Who can open account

In this, a child above 10 years can open this scheme, the account of a child below 10 years can be opened by his parents. You cannot withdraw money before 5 years. You can invest any amount in it. You can make any member of the family a nominee. Tax exemption up to Rs 1.5 lakh is available.

interest rate and maturity

In this scheme you are getting interest at the rate of 7%. In this you also get the benefit of compounding. If you invest Rs 1000 in this scheme then after 5 years you will get Rs 1403. In this, you have to pay only on maturity.

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