PPF Scheme: The central government has given great news regarding the PPF scheme, the luck of those who invest money is opening,


PPF Scheme: The general public is getting the benefits of many government schemes of the central government. But if you have also opened your PPF account, then there is good news for you. Now after maturity, you are going to get a big benefit in the Public Provident Fund. The government has informed about this. So you must also know about it before opening your account-

getting hefty interest

PPF is a kind of tax saving and better return scheme. Through this scheme, you get the benefit of lakhs on maturity. The PPF scheme was launched in 1968 through the National Savings Institute of the Ministry of Finance. At present, the benefit of interest at the rate of 7.10 percent is being received in this scheme.

Interest rates are linked to bond yields
Let us tell you that the interest rates available on PPF are linked to the 10-year government bond yield. The interest rate on PPF is decided at the beginning of the quarter based on the average bond yield in the last three months.

What happened if the money did not come out?

Let us tell you that if you do not withdraw your money from your PPF account after maturity after 15 years. So the account will be increased by default. Your PPF corpus will continue to attract interest over an extended period as decided by the government.

These benefits will be available on maturity after 15 years

When your PPF account matures, you have the first option of closing the account and withdrawing the entire amount.

The other option you have is not to close your account and extend the tenure in blocks of 5 years after maturity without any fresh deposit.

The third option for you with a matured PPF account is to extend the tenure with fresh deposits. Again the tenure can be extended for a block of 5 years.

Deposit once a month

In PPF, you can invest up to Rs 500 in at least 1 year, if you deposit up to Rs 1.5 lakh in PPF in 1 year, then you get the benefit of tax exemption in it. If you want, you can deposit money in it every month.

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