Pulse of patients drowning due to diarrhea in summer


The humid summer in Kanpur is worsening the condition of the townspeople. Due to slight negligence, the condition of the patients is deteriorating. People are getting dehydrated due to heat, due to which viral infection causes summer diarrhoea.

Summer diarrhea is becoming uncontrollable due to the heat. Adults are also falling prey to it along with children. Blood pressure is getting very low after diarrhoea. Doctors say that the pulse of the patient is not found. Diarrhea patients were admitted to Halat Emergency after their condition became critical. There, an old patient died after diarrhoea. Doctors told that the number of OPD patients has decreased in summer. But patients of diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, typhoid and jaundice are coming.

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Leave the house after drinking plenty of water.
Carry water if you have to stay outside for a long time.
Do not go out in the sun on an empty stomach.
Keep your head covered with a handkerchief, wear a full sleeve shirt.
Do not eat stale food, eat fresh and simple food.

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