Purple tomatoes are more beneficial for health than red-green, know its benefits

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Tezzbuzz, Facts: Some fruits and vegetables have been made by nature to us, which grow on trees and plants. There are some vegetables that are used by all, whether vegetarians or non-vegetarians, on a daily basis.

One of these vegetables is tomato. As beautiful as red-green tomatoes look, their taste is equally wonderful. Not only this, this tomato is also very beneficial for our health.

Scientists have prepared some even better tomatoes by doing genetic modification in it. Scientists have prepared purple tomatoes instead of red tomatoes, which are not only like tomatoes in taste, but they also smell the same.

A recent study states that purple tomatoes are more healthy than red-green tomatoes. Not only do they have a longer shelf life, but they are also effective in curing diseases like cancer.

Purple tomatoes are full of health

According to Mirror’s report, this purple tomato was prepared by University of East Anglia professor and British biochemist Cathy Martin along with her team.

They wanted to create a tomato that had more antioxidants, such as those found in blackberries and blueberries. They combined two genes of the snapdragon flower to produce a special element in the tomato.

Talking about its benefits, the study found that when cancer-prone mice were fed purple tomatoes, they lived 30 percent longer than those who ate regular tomatoes.

After this, scientists believed that this tomato would prove beneficial in avoiding cancer and type 2 diabetes.

half cup tomato will work

If you eat only half a cup of purple tomatoes a day, the anthocyanins present in it provide the same benefits as blueberries. Its shelf life is also twice that of the common tomato.

According to Professor Martin, this is not a medicine, but the antioxidants present in it benefit in every way. According to Norfolk Plant Sciences, a company co-founded by Professor Martin, purple cherry tomatoes will be available in the market by 2023, while its seeds will also be sold so that people can plant it.

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