Putin Serious illness: Putin is suffering from serious illness, swollen hands and trembling legs started raising questions

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Putin Serious illness: In the midst of the ongoing war with Ukraine, many questions are being raised regarding the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The emerging fresh picture of Putin does not bode well for his hands. In fact, Putin was seen clutching the chair with swollen hands. Putin is seen meeting with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Tuesday (22 November). He was seen moving his trembling legs uncomfortably. Purple spots were visible on his hands.

Not only this, a bloated-faced Putin was seen smiling awkwardly while talking to Diaz-Canel in the Russian capital Moscow. His left hand is seen wrapped tightly in the hand of the chair on which he is sitting. As if Putin is trying to stabilize himself.

Putin Serious illness: Has Putin got cancer?

Let us tell you that since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine in February, there are continuous reports that Vladimir Putin is suffering from some disease. The 70-year-old Russian president has been the subject of speculation about his health, amid claims that he has cancer. The Kremlin has been forced to repeatedly deny that Putin is ill. US intelligence officials seem to be divided on the news of Putin being unwell.

In May, an audio was leaked in which Kremlin-linked oligarchs suggested Putin had blood cancer. The recording was obtained by New Lines magazine and claimed that the President was very ill. This comes amid speculation about Putin’s health following the Moscow Victory Day parade. The Russian leader was seen wearing a blanket over his feet at an event in the Russian capital.

A US intelligence report also came out in June, which said that Putin’s health was poor and he was undergoing treatment for cancer. “Whether he will die soon is just speculation,” said an official in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Putin is definitely sick.

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