Queen had signed thinking that it would never be released: Kangana


Mumbai, Today marks 7 years since the release of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s film Queen. On this occasion, the Bollywood actress said that she had signed the film for money only because there was no belief that the film would ever be released.

Kangana tweeted on Sunday morning, after almost a decade long struggle I was told that I am a very good actress to be the leading lady of Bollywood. However, I signed the queen thinking that it would never be released. I signed it for money and went to a film school in New York with that money.

He went on to say, I studied screenwriting in New York. Directed a short film in California at the age of 24, which made me a success in Hollywood. After seeing my work when a big agency hired me as a director, I had buried all my ambitions to act. I did not have the courage to return to India.


Kangana said, bought a small house on the outskirts in Los Angeles. Then Queen was released and it changed my life. With this was born a new leading lady for Indian cinema and an actress marking parallel cinema focused on women.

The actress added, “Queen is not just a film for me, it was a blast of everything that kept me away from the things I deserved for 10 years.” Everything came at once, it was very powerful. I have full faith that no one can snatch what belongs to us. Hashtag 7 Years of Queen

The Queen film is the story of a different type of girl named Rani Mehra, whose fiancé Anne refuses to marry at the time of marriage. After this, Queen Mehra leaves alone for Paris and Amsterdam to celebrate her honeymoon.

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