Rajkot: Complaint registered of jewelery fraud worth crores, complaint registered of jewelery fraud worth Rs 4,71,50,000


Rajkot: Salesman Nikunj Adesara from a gold show room called Shilpa Lifestyle on Akshar Marg in the city at Rs. Complaint in Malviya Nagar Police Station about fraud of 8.12 kg of gold jewelery worth 4.71 crores, huge commotion among gold traders

According to the details received, on the basis of his responsibility as a salesman in Shilpa Lifestyle Shondmak at Rajkot, gold chain and gold mangalsutra and sauna panja were given for the purpose of sale, among which the gold chain is a long design no. 3,77,00,000/- (Trandharo twenty-three lakhs) and Sonanamangalsutra 110-1104 Kulav130011300 grams worth Rs.35,40,000/- (Pichoteralakhcholi Sahjaar) Penang-14 jekul of Tathasina 3251325 grams worth Rs.18,25,000/- (Eighty two. 2) including 8125 grams of gold jewelry, which is approximately Rs. A complaint of embezzlement of a large sum of Rs 50,000 has been registered at Malwaya Police Station in Rajkot city.

Priteshbhai Prakashbhai Ranapara himself 34 business job. Poojara Plot Street No. 4/8 Corner Balmukund Apartment Flat No. 302 Next to Rastri Vikas Griha Rajkot Mo. No. 83407 00377 In person I am writing my complaint stating the fact that I have come to the post. That I live at the above mentioned address and have been working for the last seventeen years as a branch man in Shilpa Life Style Showroom for Sight Building opposite SBI.Bank on Akshar Marg. Also selling diamond jewellery, and Nikunj Jamnadas Adashara as salesman in above show room Sony 1.1,27 Reh. B. Dabhanjan Society Street No. 5 Shri Nathji-2 Apartment Flat No. 402 Rajkot Mo. No. 8849996790 has been working since last continuous year and currently working as a salesman in Shilp Life Style Show Room and in our above show room Nikunj is selling gold chain and gold jewelry. Nikunj Adesara used to handle the sales and stock maintenance of mangalsutra and gold panjas and the account of the same and the account of the daily sales at the time of closing the show room at the time of closing the computer ride of the show room Neeshab has to be telegraphed to me and once every month. After counting the gold jewelery and checking it with the computer raised stock, the sales are checked separately for each person, during which we and the owner of our show room Heeren Prabhudasbhai met with Parekh around 6 pm on 11/03/2023 2023 Not checking the number of gold jewelry found that Nikunj Jamnadas Adeshara working as salesman in the show room sold our show room out of the total stock of gold chain mangalsutra and gold panja of different designs total no. 385 whose total weight is 6,500 grams and whose price is approximately Rs. Forty necklaces) and gold pall No-14 with a total weight of 325 gms worth Rs.18,85,000/- (Eighteen Lakhs and Eighty-Four Thousand) The sales value of the gold jewelery is given in the sale account or stock. The account of number match is not given and so there is no reason to ask Adesha about the account of this jewelry. Answer not given so the total weight of two grams of gold given to Nikunj Adesara for sale in our above show room is 8125 grams, the total price of which is approximately Rs.34,31,50,000/-. I remember again to be standard against Anikunj Adesara who has cheated us with the above amount of gold jewelry.

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