Rana Daggubati: Bahubali actor Rana Daggubati’s luggage disappeared from the airport, the actor expressed anger on Twitter


on indigo airline Bhadeke Rana Daggubati Popular actor of South film industry Rana Daggubati made headlines all over India with his portrayal of Bhallaldev in the film ‘Baahubali’. At this time some tweets of the actor are in discussion. Expressing his anger on Indigo Airlines in this tweet, he has told about the bad experience. Actually, Rana Daggubati has told about his luggage missing from the flight. He has put a class on Indigo Airlines by tweeting one after the other.

Rana Daggubati’s luggage missing from the airport
Rana Daggubati tweeted, ‘India’s worst airline experience on Indigo 6E! Flight time unknown.. Lost baggage not found. Don’t know the staff? Could something bad happen?

Actor expressed anger by tweeting
After this tweet, the domestic airline has also expressed regret while giving its response. Aline replied to his tweet and apologized for the inconvenience caused to the actor. Responding to the actor’s tweet, Indigo said, “We apologize for the inconvenience, please rest assured, our team is working to get your luggage to you as soon as possible.”

According to reports, Rana Daggubati was leaving for Bangalore with his family from Hyderabad. Along with this, he had to go through this experience at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad. After checking in, Daggubati and others were informed that the flight would be delayed due to some technical glitch and were asked to board another flight. They were also told that their luggage would also be sent by the same ship.

Rana Daggubati could not find his luggage after landing at the Bengaluru airport. When he checked with the airline staff, he did not get any information. After this incident, the actor got angry and he expressed his anger on the airlines by tweeting one after the other.

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