RBI has given such good news on inflation, you will be happy to hear


Business News Desk, In the midst of rising inflation across the country, a good news is coming out from the Reserve Bank of India. It is believed that this year the inflation rate may come down. It is expected that everything from food and drink will be cheap.

Inflation may come down in a year
He said supply-side action coupled with a flexible inflation targeting regime has kept the rate of price rise low compared to other countries. Goyal said that India has successfully faced challenges in the last three years by showing tremendous resilience.

It was revealed in the interview
In a telephonic interview with PTI, he has said that the supply-side action of the government along with the flexible inflation targeting system has kept the inflation rate low in India as compared to other countries.

Reduction in policy rates during the Corona period
He said policy rates were cut drastically during the pandemic, so they had to be raised sharply after the revival. Goyal further said, ‘But due to lack of external demand, there should not be much increase in policy rates at the moment. Domestic demand should be allowed to compensate.

minus inflation forecast
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has increased its key repo rate by 2.5 per cent since May last year. RBI has reduced its forecast for consumer price inflation for the current fiscal from 6.7 per cent to 6.5 per cent.

What will be the effect on wheat crop
What impact could warm weather have on the wheat crop and food inflation? He said that as the weather pattern has become uncertain, it is necessary to bring resilience in agriculture. He said that work is being done in this direction.

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