Real-Life Vicky Donor: Strange fate of ‘Real-Life Vicky Donor’, father of 57 children


Real Life Vicky Donor: sperm donation According to the contract, the person donating the sperm is not legally or biologically recognized as the parent of the child. Sperm donation is kept strictly confidential so that future sperm donors cannot claim a child simply because sperm was used. In many cases, the sperm donor is not aware of who will use it. Therefore, the responsibility towards the child and his family does not fall on the sperm donor. Doctors test sperm donors and keep their genetic and physical information for records. However, they do not get into the trap of meeting donors with children born from this sperm. Because of this even doctors can get into legal trouble.

father of 57 children

But some of the world’s sperm banks ( Sperm banks allow these donors to meet the children born to them, as well as give information about who their sperm was given to. Kyle Gordy About an example can be said. So far 57 children have been born from Kelly’s sperm. Kelly gets to see her kids because she includes a no contact clause in her contract. But now because of 57 children born from sperm donation, Kelly says that no female partner is agreeing to a long-term relationship in real life.

we have an unfinished dream

India Sperm in donor The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Ayushmann Khurrana’s film ‘Vicky Donor’. The film depicts the story of a boy who donates sperm and helps his family have children. But Kelly is very different from the young man played by Ayushmann in the film. Kelly is a Professional Sperm Donor. Kelly has expressed regret that we are helping many families to increase their family through sperm donation. Kelly said that fulfilling people’s dreams is getting in the way of fulfilling his own personal dream.

many women got messages

Talking about his journey in the field of sperm donation, Kelly said, “It’s been two years since I started sperm donation. During this, it gained great importance. I started getting messages from Instagram after some of them got pregnant. Many of these messages were mostly from women, which I was surprised to see. But now because of the fame he got from sperm donation, he also said that Kelly is not getting a partner.

Can’t find partner but…

Kelly, 30, admits to having trouble starting a serious relationship. Kelly, who lives in California, has tried to date several girls and none of them have shown interest in a long-term relationship with me. “I get approached by women who want to have children with their sperm rather than see me as a partner,” Kelly said.

Why do women love Kelly?

One important reason many women choose me as a donor is because they want to be actively involved in the lives of their children’s biological fathers. But Kelly, who is currently the biological father of 57 children, isn’t interested.

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