Real reason why you have pimples, read otherwise you’ll regret


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Are you long past the teenage outbreak of having acne? Or do you think becoming an adult will leave all the blemishes behind? Think again. These randomly popping pimples can ruin an important day or make you feel less confident and embarrassed. Teenager or adult, these zits are a spoiler for everyone.

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Knowing why you get these pimples can help you get rid of them faster –



Dandruff and acne make up a great team when it comes to embarrassing you in public. Dandruff often clogs the skin pores that brings about pimple formation on your skin. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo and notice the fading of acne.



Stress has a profound effect on the body. It affects the sleep cycle, diet, exercise and the overall health. Pimples can be one of the important indicators for any stressful activity in one’s life.





One facial problem (facial hair) is inviting another problem(pimples). Now that doesn’t seem like a logical solution. Waxing, threading, and shaving swells up the skin and makes it bumpy and rough.



Research has found that on an average, a woman uses up to 5-10 cosmetic products in a year. That’s good for the cosmetic industry, not the skin. Surprisingly, anti-acne products can cause pimples if used too many.

#5 DIET 


Greasy, oily and sweets can trigger pimples for few. Research has shown that people with low-glycemic index had lesser severe acne that those with high glycemic index.



Hormones control the sebum production in our skin. Any disproportionality of this oil production like overproduction of oil combined with dead skin can trigger pimple formation. Hormones being most active during Puberty stage of one’s life makes sense why teenagers are the major target audience.



Certain medical conditions like PCOS can trigger the production of acne on your skin. Cure the disease and see the acne slowly fade away.




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