Reasons why your vehicle gives Low mileage , See here


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Petrol and diesel prices in the country keep decreasing and higher, while traffic problems on the roads are also increasing continuously, in such a way fuel consumption in vehicles increases. But despite all this, there are many people who drive the wrong way and increase the consumption of fuel. In such a situation, here we are telling you the 5 reasons that brake the mileage of your car.

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Poor service is the reason for low mileage,

Reasons why your vehicle gives Low mileage , See here

often people get their car serviced from the local place in order to save money, as well as cheap and local parts are also made, which later prove to be very harmful. Therefore, do service from right place and do not miss any service.


Avoid keeping extra luggage

People keep excess luggage in their car, due to which the weight of the vehicle increases. And in such a situation, the engine has to apply more power, due to which the consumption of fuel also increases. So keep as much stuff as you need in your car.

Reasons why your vehicle gives Low mileage , See here

Frequent clutch use is the worst:

Using the clutch repeatedly while driving increases fuel consumption and also causes heavy damage to the clutch plates. So use the clutch only when needed. Not only that, press the accelerator pedal comfortably during the drive, this will reduce fuel consumption in your vehicle.

Low air pressure in tires is a big reason

If you do not keep regular air pressure right in the tires of your vehicle, then this is a big reason for low mileage. So check the tire pressure twice a week. By doing this, the mileage of the vehicle will be improved.

Reasons why your vehicle gives Low mileage , See here


Driving in lower gear: When driving in a harmful

gear, if you have to come in lower gear, do not press the accelerator at all because doing so increases fuel consumption and reduces the mileage. If you also want to increase the mileage of your car, then consider these things today, you will get better results.



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