Record WhatsApp Call With This Easy Way, Learn This Process Quickly…


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Ever since we entered the digital world, people have started giving priority to phones. Ever since WhatsApp came in the phone, till date it has become the number 1 app for sending messages. With this WhatsApp app, you can make both audio and video calls rather than cover text. But there are many times when you are talking to someone on WhatsApp audio era and the person in front told something important but you are not mindful after which you regret that you wish you could record that thing.

Record WhatsApp Call With This Easy Way, Learn This Process Quickly…

Call record on whatsapp

But now it is also possible to do so. Yes, certain devices are required to record WhatsApp calls to Android and iPhone. It is unethical and illegal to record calls without the permission of another person. In such a situation, you must inform the other person about the call recording. Let us tell you how a call can be recorded on WhatsApp.

This is how iPhone users record calls


If you are iPhone use then you have to connect iPhone to MaC with the help of Lightning cable. After this, by clicking Trust this computer on your iPhone, you will see this click. For the first time, open QuickTime connecting Mac to iPhone phone and it will get the option of New audio recording in the File section. In it you will see an arrow sign pointing to the underside of the record button. Which you have to click on and choose iPhone.

Record the number by selecting itRecord WhatsApp Call With This Easy Way, Learn This Process Quickly…

After doing this process, click the record button in Quicktime and call from your WhatsApp. As soon as you are connected, add the user icon. Choose the number of the person you want to talk to. Your call will start being recorded as soon as the call is received. Don’t forget to close the record after the call ends, save the file in Mac.

Android users record such calls

Download Android User Cube Call Recorder. After opening the app go to WhatsApp. Whoever you want to talk to. If the cube call widget is visible data during the call, then the call is being recorded. Once the error shows, you open the Cube Call Recorder once again. This time you have to go to the settings of the app and click on Force Voip in a voice call. After this whole process, you put a WhatsApp call once again. If the cube call recorder is not showing, it means that it will not work in your phone.

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