Good news, this bus can travel both on land and water


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Recreational vehicles are perfect for families or individuals who prefer to enjoy the comforts of home while is a luxurious amphibious bus, which according to information on its website is as comfortable on the lake as it is on land and can move at a speed of 130 km / h on land and up to 7 knots (15 km / h) in calm water.

According to the incredible eight minute video at the end of the post, using the motor home as a yacht is simple.

What the driver needs to do is keep advancing on the water until the wheels float free.

The transmission should then be changed from road to water when the rear propellers start operating.


hen in the water, Terra Wind can be steered through a joystick in its aircraft-like cabin.

This motor home is estimated at a whopping cost of $ 1.2 million , but is said to be worth every penny.

And if you think the idea of ​​an amphibious bus is already very cool, wait until you see inside. How sad to be poor!


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