Relationship Tips: If a girl makes such gestures, then get ready immediately, she wants to do this work


Girl laugh means trapped…’ Oh no, are you also following the same old formula to know the heart of girls? If so, then delete it from your mind, clear the cache and get ready to acquire new knowledge.

So sir, if you want to know what a girl thinks about you, then take your eyes off her smile and find out with these fresh techniques…. Generally, girls do not express their heart, but if their If you look at body language, then it is not too difficult to find out whether the girl likes you or not.
How to know if she likes you or not How To Know If A Girl Likes You

1. Let’s start talking first

If the girl finds excuses to talk to you, jokes on WhatsApp or sends emoji without time, then it is possible that she is looking for excuses to talk to you. It clearly means that she wants your attention. So don’t stay behind and start talking more with them after understanding their thoughts.

2. You remember everything…

‘Pyaar ko chahe bhool bhi jaaye tarikhein na bhulaiye…’ Sir, this is a film song. But it is about the address. Most girls do not forget dates. If it is related to the boy whom she likes, then she remembers almost everything related to him. No-no, they don’t even need to maintain a diary for this, this is the hidden talent of girls and the feelings hidden in their hearts for you.

3. Finds excuses to touch!

No, no, if it is like this, then don’t think that this is the wonder of your moisturizing cream. This is because she is comfortable with you and expresses this by touching you. So if she pats your back or holds your hand while talking or laughing, then it is clear that she likes you.

4. teases

If a girl keeps mentioning you often during conversation with friends or family, then it is possible that she likes you. If you are in his friend circle, then it is not difficult to find out. But if it is not so, then try to increase reconciliation with their friends as well, they can send information to you.

5. Laughs even at Pakau jokes

If you are talking to her on some boring topic or talking about something that is not being followed by her, yet she is listening carefully, then it is clear that she does not want to hurt you. Try and see the joke on which friends made fun of your sense of humor, if that girl smiles at the same joke, then assume that she wants to respect you and your words.

Although these gestures can also prove that the girl likes to be with you. And it is not necessary that the girl who likes to spend time with you is also serious about you. Therefore, if you feel that she likes you by applying these methods, then first check it completely, then take the next step.

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