Relief your full day of fatigue and stress in just a few minutes, Do these remedies now


In today’s hectic life, no person is not stressed. Having tension is a good thing, but having tension outside the limit can be dangerous. When this same stress starts bothering us in our everyday life, then only the problem arises. A person who is always stressed should consult someone for treatment. There are some things, with the help of which stress can also be reduced.

Well-known Ayurveda Expert Dr. Abrar Multani says that nowadays people’s problem of stress has become very common. Stress makes a person angry and irritable from the inside and also makes him a victim of many diseases. Many such things have been told in Ayurveda, with the help of which stress can be reduced.

Common causes of stress

everyday life
physical ailments
domestic discord

Why is it important to reduce stress

Too much stress should not be taken, as prolonged stress can affect not only mental health but also physical health. According to health experts, stress can increase the risk of mental diseases like stroke, heart attack, peptic ulcer, and depression.


home remedies to reduce stress

1. Consume Ashwagandha in this way
Ashwagandha, rich in anti-stress properties, is also considered helpful in relieving stress. Make a habit of taking Ashwagandha powder with lukewarm milk every night at bedtime. With this, along with removing stress, the weakness of the body will be removed and sleep will be good.

2. Consuming Basil
Tulsi, rich in many medicinal properties, helps reduce your stress too. After returning from the workplace, boil basil leaves in water and drink it after adding some lemon and honey. This will give a lot of relief. By doing this daily, you will not only get rid of stress, but you will get rid of all the health-related problems.

3. Eat Almonds and Walnuts
Almonds and walnuts help in preventing the fatigue that occurs after working at the workplace all day. For this, drink soaked almonds and walnuts daily, grind them and mix them in lukewarm milk. Try doing this for a few days. This will make you feel much better.

4. Consume Green Tea In This Way
Apart from reducing weight, green tea is also considered useful in reducing stress. The L-theanine present in it helps reduce stress, if you are often under stress, then make a habit of taking green tea instead of drinking normal tea.

5. Massage your scalp with lavender oil
Lavender oil is also considered very good for relieving stress. It removes stress and freshens the mood. The scent of lavender oil works to increase happy hormones. This reduces stress. You can massage your scalp by adding two to four drops of lavender oil to any other oil.


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