Retired teacher has the longest ear hair in the world, named in Guinness Book Records


Lifestyle News Desk. Usually people get their ear hair cut to look good. But this old man has a different passion. He loves his ear hair. And because of this craze, his name is included in the Guinness World Record. This unique record is not in his name from today but for the last 15 years. The special thing is that this record has not been made by anyone else but by the elders of our own country.

Guinness World Records has uploaded a post on its Instagram page by a retired teacher from India named Antony Victor. The length of Victor’s ear hair has been measured at approximately 7 inches. Interestingly, Antony holds this record since 2007. According to the post, Antony Victor is a retired school principal with hair growing from the middle of his outer ear. The hair measured 18.1 centimeters or 7.12 inches at its longest point. The staff and his students affectionately call him ‘the hairy-eared teacher’. Social media users are surprised to see this. He is constantly giving his opinion on this. One user commented, ‘Who wants this record?’ While another user wrote, ‘I never shave anything on my body but I definitely will.’ Another social media user joked, “My life’s goal is to break this record.”

However, this is not the first time someone has been recognized in this special category. In the year 2003, a man named Radhakant Bajpai was crowned for the longest ear hair, which measured 13.2 cm. The person is a resident of Uttar Pradesh. Radhakant from Uttar Pradesh admitted that his wife wanted him to shave off his ear hair.

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