Rich in medicinal properties – small cardamom


As soon as the name of small cardamom comes, its wet fragrance starts tempting the mind. It is widely used at home, in betel shops and as a medicine. It is used in homes for the honor of guests, along with cloves, betel nut and for aroma in many sweet dishes. By the way, small cardamom is also used for many home remedies.

Small cardamom is spicy, mild and cooling in taste. It is used in many Ayurvedic medicines.

Keeping cardamom seeds in the mouth and chewing and sucking, the mouth remains fragrant and clean. Due to this, stomach disorders are removed and digestion process remains fine.

To get rid of irritation of the eyes and to increase the flame, mix small cardamom seeds, white pepper, almonds, sugar candy and pure ghee in a spoon and take it on an empty stomach. The burning sensation will go away and there will be benefit in eye light.

In dry cough, grind small cardamom along with the peel and grind it in equal quantity to make powder. Keep sucking by putting a pinch in the mouth at an interval of one hour. Dry cough will go away, phlegm will come out and the chest will become lighter.
Banana is digested by chewing cardamom seeds after eating banana.

Mix one cup of raw milk and cold water and add half a spoon of cardamom powder and beat it and drink it empty stomach in the morning, acidity goes away.

Prepare a paste by grinding cardamom seeds with water. Applying this paste on the forehead provides relief in headache.

To remove heaviness of the stomach, afra, etc., take asafetida powder mixed with fine powder of small cardamom, with one spoon of lemon juice. Will get instant relief. After bleeding two drops of cardamom extract on a stick and eating it at an interval of 3-3 hours, bleeding stops.

Boil one gram of ground cardamom in one cup of water for nausea, vomiting and belching. When it cools down, mix sugar and drink 2 spoons at an interval of 1 hour. Weak digestive power is cured. A little cardamom is the killer of many diseases. Must keep it at home and it is wise to use it when needed.

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