Royal Enfield: How Bullet motorcycles sales are increasing in Asia, Know the Reason


The Royal Enfield brand is expanding rapidly in order to establish its foothold in the world’s largest motorcycle market.

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world which is still very much liked today.

Eicher Group of India has been the owner of this company, which recorded good sales in the Indian market since 1994.

This company now wants to increase its sales in Asia and so recently it has announced plans to build a new factory in Thailand.

Vinod Dasari, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Enfield told the BBC that Indian consumers love the style of the motorcycle and its heritage.
He says, “We make better motorcycles that do not cost too much. Also we make motorcycles not only for India but for the whole world.”

It is expected that the company’s factory in Thailand will start work within twelve months. It is believed that this will be the second largest factory of the company after India.

Royal Enfield’s Continental GT-650 – Ice Queen

The company wants to make this factory an export hub for exporting motorcycles to countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Malaysia and China.

Vinod Dasari has big plans for this. He wants to launch a new motorcycle every quarter for the next three to five years.

He says, “Asia Pacific is a very important market for us and our consumers are ambitious and they expect something better from us.”

Moving forward

Motorcycle riding has a strong tradition in Asia. India is the largest market in the world in terms of motorcycle sales. After this, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam are ahead in this matter.

On the congested roads of these countries, especially in big cities, motorcycles are the easiest way to avoid traffic jams.

If you look at the figures of last year of motorcycle sales, Royal Enfield’s sales have increased by 88 percent in this area. This company only manufactures motorcycles for the mid-segment market of the 250-750CC class.

But not all motorcycle companies in Asia have been successful.

On the one hand, while Royal Enfield is planning to expand further in the area of ​​Asia, on the other hand, Harley-Davidson has recently announced to cover its work from this region.

Transport expert Vivek Vaidya in Frost & Sullivan explains, “Harley-Davidson motorcycles are considered expensive by people in India. The roads here, government regulations regarding speed and traffic, are not conducive to driving motorcycles at high speed.”

He says, “The company started making low-power engines, but in this case it could not prove much success. It was not easy to challenge Royal Enfield in this segment.”


Experts believe that unlike Harley-Davidson, Royal Enfield’s products have been better for motorcycle consumers in Asia.

Motor sport consultant Scott Lucaitis says, “Consumers love Royal Enfield’s motorcycles for their ease of use, simple design and their classic vintage style.”

“They allow their consumers to buy sports bikes at a low cost. Also their consumers do not need much technical knowledge about those motorcycles, nor do they have to spend more on their maintenance.”

But Vinod Dasari believes that Royal Enfield’s heritage attracts consumers. He says “The company is not just selling a product but it has years of experience with that product.”

Limited Edition Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus motorcycle which was built in the year 2018 to commemorate the special glider ‘Flying Flea’ of World War II.

History of Royal Enfield

1893 – The bicycle maker first made parts for the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield. Later it named itself Royal Enfield.

1901 – In Britain, the company made its first motor-driven bicycle.

1914-18 – During World War I, the company also sped up the British Army as well as the army of Belgium, France, USA and Russia.

1932 – The company built its first “Bullet” motorcycle using a special, slopper engine. This model was well liked.

1939–1945 – During World War II, the company began making motorcycles for the military, as well as bicycles, generators, and anti-aircraft guns. For the use of parachutists and glider troops, the company also produced a glider named ‘Flying Flee’.

1960 – This was the era of traditional motorcycles. Many companies made their foray into the motorcycle market during this period. One of these companies was Royal Enfield.

1970 – The company ceases to operate in the UK. The company’s Indian subsidiary, Enfield India, took over the production work.

1994 – Eicher Motors of India is bought by Enfield India. The company was renamed and renamed Royal Enfield Motors Limited.

2020 – Britain still remains an important market for the company. The company’s Interceptor 650 is the best-selling motorcycle here in the middleweight motorcycle category.

American chat show presenter Jay Leno likes Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Next year make Royal Enfield motorcycle


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