RPSC Second Grade Teacher Recruitment Exam Canceled due to paper leak. Before the exam in Rajasthan, the question paper of teac


RPSC has canceled the second grade teacher recruitment exam. After the information about the paper leak in Udaipur came to the fore, it was decided to cancel the paper.

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Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has canceled the second grade teacher recruitment exam to be held on Saturday due to disturbances. This exam was to be conducted on Sunday at 9 am. The exam to be held today was of General Science subject. Actually, information came about the exam to be held in Udaipur city of the state that the paper of second grade teacher recruitment exam has been leaked there. After this, the administration hastily decided to cancel the exam. At present, the police and SOG have been ordered to investigate the paper leak case.

At the same time, due to the cancellation of the paper, there is disappointment among the candidates who came for the exam after preparing. They had left their homes since morning for this exam which was to be held at nine in the morning. According to the information received, the paper of RPSC Second Grade Teacher Exam started going viral on social media even before the commencement of the exam. As soon as the officials came to know about this, considering the seriousness of the matter, they decided to cancel the paper. The thing to note here is that exams are going to be conducted at the exam centers on Sunday morning as well.

Notice of paper leak found while sitting in exam hall

The surprising thing is that the exam has already started and the candidates were also given entry in the exam hall. All the candidates had already sat on their respective seats when the information about the paper leak came to the fore. All the candidates were informed in the exam hall that the question paper of the teacher recruitment exam had been leaked. Because of this the exam is being cancelled. At the same time, on hearing this, the candidates who came to appear for the exam got disappointed.

At the same time, the candidates have not yet been informed about the exam which has been cancelled. When will his paper be conducted again? But it is believed that soon a notice in this regard will be issued by RPSC. There may be information about getting the paper done again.

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paper recovered from the bus

It is being told that the police caught a bus in an area of ​​Udaipur city. The people sitting in the bus called themselves candidates for the Rajasthan Second Grade Teacher Recruitment Examination. But when they were strictly questioned and checked, the police recovered the paper from these people in the bus. At the same time, this information was immediately given to the RPSC officials, who canceled the paper.

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