Sattu Laddoos will keep you cool in summer, note the easy recipe


As soon as the summer season starts, people start consuming sattu to keep the body hydrated as well as to protect it from heat stroke. Sattu is not only good in taste but is also considered very beneficial for health. This is the reason why people use it in many ways to include it in their diet.

To get the benefits of Sattu, you must have tried many recipes along with drinking it after dissolving it in water. But have you ever tasted Sattu ke Laddu made from Sattu? Yes, these laddoos are not only very tasty to eat but also fill the stomach quickly when you feel hungry. The specialty of these laddus is that you can store them for several weeks. So, without delay, let us know how to make Sattu ke Laddu.

Ingredients for making Sattu ke Laddu

1 cup sattu flour

Half a cup of jaggery powder – three spoons of ghee

– 1/4 tsp cardamom powder

How to make Sattu ke Laddu

To make Sattu ke Laddu, first of all, heat one spoon of ghee in a pan and roast the sattu flour in it on a low flame.

When the sattu turns light brown after roasting, turn off the flame and add jaggery and cardamom powder to the flour and mix. Now add 2 spoons of ghee to this flour and mix it well.

Start making laddoos with hot sattu flour. If needed for tying the laddoos, you can mix a little more ghee in it.

After making the laddus (Sattu ke Laddu), you can store them in an air tight container and store them for several weeks.

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