This Asian country can’t grow any plants , half of land is dessert


Saudi Arabia is a Arab country located in western Asia. The country makes up the majority of the Arabian peninsula. With an area of ​​830,000 square miles, this country is the fifth largest in Asia, and the second largest Arab country, which is second only to Algeria. The country’s population is 33 million, which is the world’s 40th largest country by population. Saudi Arabia’s primary ethnic group is Arab, and the main religion is Sunni Islam. The government is a unitary Islamic full monarchy with a King, Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince. The currency of the country is Saudi Arabia’s flag made in green and white.

1. Saudi Arabia’s GDP is $ 646 billion.

2. According to 2016 estimates, the per capita GDP is $ 54,100.

3. Almost half of the country’s GDP comes from oil.


4. Almost 22% of the world’s oil reserves are located in Saudi Arabia.

5. In addition to oil, Saudi Arabia has the sixth largest gas reserves in the world.

6. Overall, 100 camels are sold each day in this country.

7. Sixty-five percent of the country has been classified as desert or semi-desert.

Less than 2% of land in Saudi Arabia is worth cultivating.


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