No AC ,Save your electricity bill by using this cooler , cheap price


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Summer is here and AC , fan , coolers are running continously the whole day , now the biggest problem of summer is that its electricity bill, we all are doing something to save as much electricity we can but it seems like that thing is not helping and thats why we brought you a air cooler which can save your money a lot.

However, at present, there are many coolers in the market but they are all used by electricity. But the market has been made available to the solar Cooler, which can be used to save electricity. Because it is through solar cooler plate this cooler can be used through i.e. solar plate. The Solar plate generates electricity through solar power. If the air cooler does not charge in the sun, you can run it through electricity too.

Electricity bill will be reduced by using a solar cooler because the cooler consumes five units of electricity every day. The same cooler has more voltage capacity than the one used on electricity. So it consumes more energy. In such cases, people who are troubled by more electricity bills Solar coolers are a better option for them.


This Solar Cooler has been made available on online e-commerce site Amazon and Flipkart and it can also be purchased from the local market. The solar Cooler has been made available in small and large sizes, with the cost of the smallest solar cooler at Rs 3,500. The price of the same bigger solar cooler has been kept at around 12,500 to 18,500 rupees.


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