SBI alerts its customers for online banking, know what is the reason


State Bank of India (SBI) has issued an important notice to its customers. This notice has been issued regarding fixed deposits. State Bank of India has asked its customers to be aware of fraudsters. State Bank has said that fraudsters are trying to get personal banking details of customers on the pretext of creating (opening) online fixed deposits (FD) from customers by calling themselves SBI employees.

SBI said customers should keep these things in mind

In a post shared on Twitter, the country’s largest public sector bank has advised customers not to get caught in the scams of such scams. In this tweet, SBI has said that some reports have revealed that cybercriminals created online fixed deposits in the accounts of customers to commit fraud. SBI wrote in the tweet, ‘We urge our customers not to share their banking details to anyone. Do not get into the trap of fraudsters who claim to be SBI employees. We never ask our customers for personal details like passwords / OTP / CVV or card numbers over the phone.


Cybercrime associated with banks is increasing

Cybercrime involving banks has increased rapidly in the last few years. However, if bank customers take care of some easy security tips, then they can avoid such online frauds. Always keep in mind that the bank or its employees never ask for passwords, CVV numbers, and one-time passwords (OTPs) from their customers. Apart from this, do not fall in the loop of online offers related to free gifts, reward points. Be cautious while withdrawing money from ATMs. It must be checked that there is no such thing as a hidden camera or skimmers. When inserting the ATM PIN, cover the keyboards with your palm.


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