School students in Haryana will get unique homework this time during holidays, you can also see what is special


There is a good news for children in Haryana. This time the children are going to get rid of the homework they get during the summer holidays. This time the Education Department has prepared some points. Under this, emphasis has been laid on experiential learning in homework instead of writing essays, calligraphy, tables, counting, and rote learning.

Let us tell you that this work will be done with the help of the family members of the children. One month holidays are divided into 4 sections. According to them, children should not use TV, mobile while eating food during holidays.

Do not use mobile for one day. 10 mobile numbers of family members have to be memorized. Children have to ask their grandparents which sweets were made in their marriage. Know your city name, pin code. The spices of the kitchen have to be seen by touching and smelling them. Teachers will occasionally take feedback from the parents of the children.

Let us tell you that summer vacations in schools will start from June 1 in government schools. Regarding this, Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gurjar says that this time during the summer vacations, students will do such activities by staying at home among their family members, from which they will learn a lot.

One month holidays divided into 4 parts

part 1

Under this, 10 phone numbers of family members will be remembered. Sprouted moong, urad, chana dal and will take photographs everyday. To grow kernels of mango, neem, jamun, tamarind, litchi. Will plant seeds of maize, okra, ghee, zucchini in the field, bed, pot. Measure the length of the plant. Will pour water in the pots. Will take care of the plant. Will remove the seeds of melon and watermelon and clean them. Will count them. Will memorize three riddles. Will ask these from children of his age. Writing the numbers of the shoes of the family members. Memorizing mobile numbers of 10 family members.

part 2

Under this, every information about the kitchen will be collected. For example, writing about the name, number, size, metal, use of utensils. Getting information about flour, salt, lentils etc. Write names of kitchen spices, pulses and other food items. Seeing them by touching and smelling them. Writing names of bath soaps, refined oils, beverages etc. from newspaper, TV etc.

Will make a list of the items kept in the house. For how many hours does the fan run daily in the house? Will keep records. Do not use TV, mobile while eating. Abstaining from mobile for a day.

Part – 3

Under this, one has to spend time with the family. Creating a family tree with grandparents. Pressing the feet of grandparents, playing with them. Memorizing a prayer, hymn, shabad or religious song.

Memorizing, reciting, playing 5 jokes, snake-ladder, ludo, carrom. Learning to wake up early in the morning, fold the bed, do yoga. Write how much water comes from a tap in 3 minutes. Measurement of height and weight of the entire family members. Make a video by discussing with grandparents which sweets were prepared in their marriage.

Part – 4

Under this, students will collect pictures of sportspersons from newspapers. Will get information about his name and game. A record of one month’s oil will be kept for the scooter, car, bike used daily. For how long did you use mobile, for how long did you watch TV.

How far is the park, temple, shop, school from home, how many steps are taken daily, a record has to be kept. Will have to visit post office, bank, bus stand, railway station, vegetable market and grain market etc.

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