Search in the house, firing in the court, attendance amid tear gas… Know how Imran got relief. Toshakhana case Imran Khan


Islamabad. Pakistan Former Prime Minister and Chairman of Pakistan-e-Tehreek Party again on Saturday in Imran Khan An attempt was made to arrest meanwhile the police Lahore Zaman Park Entered into his house located and searched. During this, the police have alleged that many suspected weapons and other materials have been seized from his house. At the same time, Imran Khan reached the court late in the evening, where he was asked to mark his attendance only due to the deteriorating situation and the hearing was canceled till 30 March. The court allowed the police to return after attendance. After this Imran left for Lahore.

Let us tell you that in the Toshakhana case, Imran Khan has been accused of selling the precious gifts received by him as the Prime Minister. In this case, he has to appear in the court, due to which a non-bailable warrant was issued against him for repeatedly not appearing in the court. When Imran’s convoy left for Islamabad on Saturday. As soon as he left, the police attacked his house in Zaman Park.

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During this, the police claimed that when he reached Imran’s house, bullets were fired at him from the terrace. On the other hand, Imran’s sister Dr. Uzma said that the police searched his house without showing a warrant. He told that when he asked the police, the police said that they had a warrant but did not show it and forcibly entered the house. During this only Bushra Bibi was present in the house and no one else was there. At the same time, during the search at the house, the police have said that 3 Kalashnikov assault rifles and other weapons have been recovered from Imran’s house.

Police- Imran supporters clashed

There was a fierce clash between the supporters of Imran Khan and the police. Imran’s supporters feared that the police might arrest him during his appearance, after which he accompanied them to the court premises. To control the situation here, the police had to open fire and tear gas shells were also fired. However, only after this situation, Judge Zafar Iqbal said during the hearing that the hearing cannot be held in such a situation.

PM Shahbaz told fascist and extremist

Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz told Imran Khan of fascist and extremist tendencies and said that he has made a human shield for his protection. They are getting petrol bombs hurled at the police. At the same time, to intimidate the judiciary, they are leading a group of supporters. At the same time, Maryam Nawaz has also given her reaction in this matter and said that Imran has kept trained terrorists at his house who are firing on the police and throwing petrol bombs.

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