Sehore: Shri Ganesh of distribution of Rudraksh at Kubershwardham. – ..

Sehore, 15 May (HS). Rudraksh distribution has started on Wednesday in the under construction Murli Manohar and Kubereshwar Mahadev Temple located in Chitwaliya Hema, near the district headquarters. Rudraksh distribution was to take place here from 10 am, people reached there even before that. Just a day before, thousands of devotees reached here to collect Rudraksha. Now as the information becomes available, there will be an increase in the number of devotees. To avoid any problem for the devotees coming to buy Rudraksh, nine separate counters have been made here.

Since the beginning of Rudraksh distribution, devotees have started gathering at other places including railway station and bus stand. More than 50 thousand devotees had arrived from morning till late evening, Rudraksh were provided to more than 40 thousand devotees on the first day. On this occasion, famous storyteller Pandit Pradeep Mishra had inaugurated the event. On this occasion, Pandit Sameer Shukla, Pandit Vinay Mishra and others were present on behalf of Vithlesh Seva Samiti.

Police force has been put on duty here to ensure that Rudraksh distribution happens peacefully and other arrangements are made properly. At Kubereshwar Dham, adequate arrangements have been made for adequate parking space, movement of vehicles, barricading, meeting arrangements for the visiting devotees, apart from medical arrangements, drinking water, toilets and other appropriate arrangements have been made. Let us tell you that the program of Rudraksha distribution has been started in Kubereshwar Dham from 10 am in the morning and free Rudraksha distribution will be done till 5 pm.

Media in-charge of the committee, Priyanshu Dixit said that the district administration officials have imposed the duty of police force for law and peace and other arrangements. Adequate parking space, vehicular movement, barricading, seating arrangements for the visiting devotees, drinking water, toilets and other appropriate arrangements have been made at Kubereshwar Dham. To ensure that the devotees do not face any problem in the distribution of Rudraksh, nine lines of one thousand feet each and nine counters have been constructed. From these counters Rudraksh are being distributed to the devotees as per the order. Apart from eight counters for general devotees, one counter has been specially made for disabled people. With this, devotees can easily get Rudraksh.

These arrangements have been made for the devotees

Rudraksh distribution administrator Sameer Shukla said that more than two dozen sevadars have been deployed at these counters, apart from this, tin sheds etc. have been arranged here to protect from sun and rain. Rudraksha will be distributed sequentially to more than eight-nine devotees in nine lines. The distributed Rudrakshas will be distributed free of cost every day from 10 am to 5 pm. According to the organizing committee, apart from free food and prasad, soft drinks are being distributed in the afternoon to the devotees coming here. More than 50 thousand devotees took Prasad along with Rudraksh.

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