Shabera Ansari broke the confusion of Muslim community by becoming Deputy SP


New Delhi, Generally, in middle-class Muslim families, parents have the illusion of children not getting government jobs. Due to which many children are unable to complete their studies and often parents also think of marrying their daughters early. However, the daughter of one such middle-class family has acted as DSP to break this confusion.

Shabera Ansari, a resident of Indore, is posted as DSP Women’s Cell in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh and her father is posted as Sub Inspector in a police station in Indore.

Shabera Ansari’s life was normal from the beginning, while there were never too big dreams. When she went to college after finishing school, at the age of 19, marriage relations started coming and there was such fear in my mind that due to that fear, today DSP is posted and currently preparing for UPSC.

Shabera studied a few years from a government school in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and did a BA from a government college and started preparing for PSC from college time.

Shabera was selected as Sub-Inspector in 2013 and in 2018, he was posted as Trainee DSP in Sidhi.

Actually, Shabera’s family originally hails from Ballia in Uttar Pradesh but settled in Indore about 30 years ago due to father’s job in police.

Shabera is very fond of studies, which is why she is still engaged in UPSC preparations.

Shabera Ansari told INS, I have been a student scoring normal marks since school time. Once also failed in mathematics.

When the relationship arrived at the age of 19, fear struck me. After that, decided not to do anything and looked back.

I started studying for PSC during college time and cleared it in the first exam and I have been studying since that time.

Shabera further said, my mother always sported me. Initially, it was not in the mind that he had to go to the police department. Due to the father being in the police at home, there was always a little interest.


It is surprising to know that Shabera is the first woman in her entire family to be in civil services. Shabera has now become an inspiration to her entire family and society.

Other children of the family also ask about Shabera about his studies, while he also gets information about how to reach here.

Shabera also attends school programs and encourages children. They are also called on behalf of local schools and other institutions.

He said, I go to schools and try to increase the encouragement of children in programs. There is also an attempt to tell how to proceed in life.

Although small children take selfies with them in programs, they also learn how to be like them.

Due to being from Muslim society, they also get calls from the experts of the society. So that he goes to his program and encourages the children of the society.

He said, I often explain to the children of Muslim society, especially to boys. I tell everyone that trust in yourself and study with your mind, hard work will definitely bring you lame.

Shabera also got to learn a lot from his father, now whether it is a coincidence or not. But during the lockdown, his father has served in the same police station where Shabera was in charge.

In fact, his father had gone to work for some time in Uttar Pradesh, during which the lockdown took place and he was stuck there. The father called the daughter to him anyway. At the same time, the order was issued by PHQ that whoever is there will serve them.

However, working with his father, he learned a lot from him and also solved an episode. Both used to go out on patrol in the night, though the daughter used to cook and feed her father on reaching home.

However, after Batiya becomes DSP, the father now sees him through the officer’s eyes and talks to him in the same way. Shabera has told her father many times that the officer is out and not at home.

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