Shikhar Dhawan got proud as soon as he took over the captaincy

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Shikhar Dhawan will lead the three-match ODI series against New Zealand starting Friday, November 25. But this is not the first time that he is going to lead the Indian team. Even before this, Dhawan has taken the responsibility of Team India on his shoulders many times. However, under the captaincy of Dhawan, India has only lost in ODI series against Sri Lanka, South Africa and West Indies. At the same time, while talking about his captaincy, he has told many things.

Shikhar Dhawan took wrong decisions in his captaincy

“If anyone gets angry, I will do whatever I want”

In fact, left-handed batsman Shikhar Dhawan, while talking about his decision-making ability as captain before the start of the ODI series, said that his decision-making ability has improved with time. Not only this, but he does not hesitate to take decisions anymore. Even if any player of the team feels bad in such a situation or not. According to a report in Cricinfo, Dhawan while talking about his captaincy further said,

“The more you play, the more confident you are in your decisions. Earlier there used to be occasions when I used to show respect to a bowler by giving him the extra over but now I have matured and even if it hurts someone, I will take the decision which will benefit the team.

It is necessary to win the trust of the players in the team

 "No matter who gets angry, I will do what my heart wants" Shikhar Dhawan became proud as soon as he took over the captaincy of the ODI series
“If anyone gets angry, I will do whatever I want”

Talking about captaincy, Shikhar Dhawan further said that it is important to maintain balance in the team and win the trust of the players. He hardly feels pressure and tries to make his surroundings as pleasant as himself. Dhawan further added that,

“When you play music on a stringed instrument, if the string is too loose, it will not sound good, or if the string is too tight, it will break. So it is linked to creating balance. It is important to strike a balance as a captain.”

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