Shocking video: Deep gap between rich and poor, Mercedes owner throws money after filling petrol, female staff started crying, w


Social media has its own charm. You never know what might go viral here. Because this world is very unique and different. While scrolling fast, the eye suddenly stops on a post and then the likes and shares keep on going. Here sometimes funny and sometimes surprising videos also go viral, but many times such videos come in front of us on which a person cannot believe even if he wants to. One such video has recently surfaced.

It is the first responsibility of the parents to inculcate good manners and values ​​in the children. Due to which a sense of humility arises in them and humility is said to be the biggest capital of life and with the help of that they move forward in life. However, nowadays most of the children are becoming uncultured. It has emerged as a major problem in today’s time. A video related to this example is going viral on the internet these days. After seeing which you will also understand that if a person has little money then he cannot digest it.

Here, watch the video

In the viral video, you can see a man filling petrol in his black Mercedes. Seeing the car, the woman starts filling petrol in it and when the car is full of petrol, the woman asks the driver to give money. Don’t know what happens to the boy on this…instead of giving him the money, he throws the notes on the ground and walks away. After the car leaves, the woman picks up the fallen notes from the ground and is humiliated by the man’s act. At the end of the video, she can be seen wiping her tears.

All the movements of the person are recorded in the CCTV cameras installed there. The video was shared on Twitter by an account named @TheFigen_. Till the time of writing this, the clip has been viewed over 3.64 lakh times and comments are pouring in on the driver of the car.

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