Shukra Rahu conjunction 2023: Rahu-Venus conjunction in Aries.. From March 12, these 3 zodiac signs will not change again.


Shukra & Rahu Yuti 2023: According to astrology, planets make alliances with other planets by changing zodiac signs from time to time. Its impact on human society is definite. Tomorrow i.e. on March 12, Venus entered Aries. Rahu is already sitting in this zodiac sign. Due to the combination of these two planets in Aries, good days will come for the people of all the three zodiac signs. Let us know which are these lucky zodiac signs.

Aries Aries
The conjunction of Rahu and Venus is auspicious for the natives. Because this alliance is going to be formed in your Ascendant house. With this you will lead a luxury life. You will get the support of family. Your influence will increase in the office. Employees are likely to get promotion or increment. Your love life will be good. This is a good time to start a new business.

The combination of Rahu and Venus will be beneficial for you. Because this alliance is being formed in the eleventh house from your zodiac sign. Foreign businessmen make huge profits from this. Your business is likely to expand. There will be profit from old investment. There will be a huge increase in income. The couple will be fertile. You will suddenly get money.

The conjunction of Rahu and Venus will give you financial benefits. Because this alliance is being formed in the fourth house of your transit horoscope. This will give you all the happiness in life. You are likely to buy a vehicle or property. Your every wish will be fulfilled. You will take big responsibilities in the office. Traders earn good profits.

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