Signs of being a genius


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Creative and imaginative thinking

Sometimes people think some things as normal whereas some other people think something unique in those things. They try to look normal things differently. First people find it silliness but in the end they praise for the creativity.

If you also have a habit to look differently to things then you are also having a genius factor. To look things creatively and differently points the extra ordinary brain.


You might be surprised to know that people with genius brain are quite lazy. This is correct and science also acknowledge this. there is a reason behind this that normal people brain uses 20 percent of energy from the food whereas genius brain use more energy than this because they think more and become tired.


These kind of people are very less social and love to spend their time away from family and friends and in a lonely place.


These kind of people are always found in sharing the knowledge about new things. They always try to search something new.


Wake till late

Genius mind not only think a lot in fact they spend their time in meditation. This is the reason the wake late in night. They like the silence of night and they try to finish their work in the night. Great scientist Nicola Tesla used to sleep for only two hours.

They like to talk to themselves

This is considered as stress but science consider this as great brain. These type of people usually talks to themselves. They usually show this behavior when they are in deep thinking of doing some work.

Genius men are those who are intelligent and more creative

Many people are smart and intelligent but they are not genius because they don’t think creatively. On the other hand many people might be creative but they do not have brain to use their creativity.

Some great examples of genius people are Mozart, Ijack Newton and Albert Einstein. When we talk about genius we think of Einstein the most.

It is believed that genius have some great ways to solve any situation. They present views differently and they have a tendency to make things which can change the perception of people. For example, Einstein presented the mathematician rule which change the face of Physics.

Psychologist had a view that genius means an extra ordinary intelligent person whose IQ i.e. intelligent quotient is measured. Many people think that IQ test has its own limitations and what a person does in his life shows his geniuses.

Generally genius people are excellent in their fields. These kind of people are known as Polymaths. For example Leonardo d Vinci was known as Polymath because he was great scientist of art and science. Residence of Italy, Vinci was a great painter, sculpter, musician, engineer and scientist.


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