Danger : Simple and Easy way to know if your milk is adulterated or not


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We all know that milk is very beneficial for health. You get many types of nutrients from it. But in today’s era, many people have been consuming adulterated milk for years and they do not even know about it. Due to which they do not get any benefit of milk, rather their health deteriorates.

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So let’s know what is the way to identify real milk

– you will need wood or stone to identify milk. For this, pour one or two drops of milk on a wood or stone. If the milk flows down and make a white mark, then the milk is completely pure.

Simple and Easy way to know if your milk is adulterated or not

Many people also add detergent to milk. To identify adulteration of detergent in milk, shake some quantity of milk vigorously in a glass vial. If milk starts to form foam then detergent is added to this milk. Try rubbing milk in both hands. If the milk is real, there will be no general feeling of greasiness. But if the milk is adulterated, then rubbing it will feel exactly the same smoothness as rubbing the detergent. The color of milk also tells the story of its being real and fake. If the milk is real, its color will not change after boiling or keeping it out for long, while fake milk turns yellow.


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