Single door or double door in refrigerator? See both have advantages and disadvantages


Refrigerator means fridge is present in everyone’s house. A fridge is used to store milk, vegetables, fruits etc. There are many types of fridges like single door fridge, double door fridge and multi door fridge etc. People buy fridge according to their convenience and need. Now when many people buy refrigerator they wonder which type of refrigerator can be better and useful for them. So, today we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of single door and double door fridge so that it becomes easy for you to choose the fridge.

In single door fridge you get only one box. And that’s where you get deep freeze space. This allows easy access to the freezer. Single door fridges reduce power consumption by 30 to 40 percent as compared to double doors. This helps you to reduce the electricity bill. Auto defrost facility is also provided in single door fridge.

Single door fridge does not occupy much space. You can easily arrange it anywhere. Also, its cost is also less than double door fridge. But if your family is large i.e. there are more people in your family then single door fridge may not be suitable for you. Because you cannot store everything you need in it.

Talking about the benefits of double door fridge, its capacity increases. That is, it can be a good option for a large family. Its doors are big and wide, so you can store more stuff in it. It has a separate freezer, which has a huge capacity and can store stuff safely for days. There can be a difference in the electricity bill as well.

Apart from all these advantages and disadvantages, there are some things that you should consider. You should also check the efficiency and quality of the compressor of the fridge. Also check whether the fridge needs a stabilizer or not. After considering all these things, you should buy a fridge.

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