Skin Care Tips: Are you eating these 5 things daily? Be careful, they are like poison for the skin. Skin Care Tips dont eat th


Skin Care Tips: Unhealthy foods work to harm your skin. Because of this acne, wrinkles and fine lines have to be faced.

Are you eating these 5 things daily? Be careful, it is like poison for the skin

Skin Care Tips: Healthy food is also very important for healthy skin. These foods are rich in nutrients. They work to deeply nourish the skin. In this green vegetables And seasonal fruits etc. are included. But there are some such things which are very tasty, but cause a lot of damage to the skin. People like to eat and drink them almost every day because of the taste.

But these things not only prove to be harmful for your health, but they also harm your skin a lot. The more you avoid eating these foods, the more you will benefit. That’s why you should avoid eating these foods.

fast foods

These days people like to eat fast foods during any party and outing. Eats burgers and pizza with great pleasure. But fast food harms your skin. Due to this there can be a problem of pimples.


With hot tea, people like to eat samosas, pakoras and fried food with great pleasure. This not only increases bad cholesterol, but these things also cause a lot of damage to the skin. In such a situation, eating these foods should be avoided. Eating these things can give you acne. People with oily skin should generally avoid eating these cheeses.

Spice food

The use of spices works to enhance the taste of food. But eating spicy food harms the health as well as the skin. Too much spicy food can cause skin problems.


People eat cold drinks or any other soda with great pleasure with fast food. By taking cold drinks or alcohol, the body starts dehydrating. Because of this, pimples start appearing on the skin. Due to this, the signs of aging also start appearing on the skin.


Chocolate contains sugar and carbs. It works to make collagen hard. This causes the skin to produce more sebum. Because of this, wrinkles start appearing on the face.

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