Sleep-related disease which troubling 40 lakh people in India, Know how to be safe 


People in India are falling prey to a problem related to sleep. According to a conference on ‘Dental Sleep Medicine, about 4 million people in India, especially the elderly and obese, suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) syndrome. Experts have said that if a person wakes up several times in the night due to shortness of breath and experiences dry mouth in the morning along with headache and fatigue throughout the day, it could be due to OSA.

In respiratory therapy, OSA is usually treated with continuous positive airway pressure machines, but dentistry also provides easier management.

Professor Arvind Tripathi, Dean of Saraswati Dental College and organizer of the conference, said, “Obesity, lifestyle stress and complete loss of teeth can cause compression in the upper airway. It adversely affects breathing. If such a condition persists for a long time and is left untreated, it affects the body’s need for oxygen and can lead to heart and respiratory problems.”


In dentistry, experts state that the condition can be treated with the mandibular advancement device, an oral device that temporarily moves the jaw and tongue forward, reducing the tightening of the throat and increasing airway space. Is.

Dr. Ankur from the Lucknow office of the World Health Organisation, said, “Around 80 percent of patients do not know that they are suffering from OSA and it can be fatal, so people should have basic knowledge about it.”
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