Sleeping in the office doesn’t get you a job in this country, know the benefits of a 20 minute power nap


When you have lunch at the office, you think I wish I could be allowed to sleep for a while. Falling asleep at lunchtime is normal, but we can’t do it in the workplace even if we want to, because we risk losing our job or being tagged as a lazy employee. But there is one country in the world where taking a few naps during the day doesn’t get the boss angry or fired, so many rules have been made for this. Finally why this facility is provided in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

Japan has a culture of ‘inemuri’.
A picture has been going viral on social media for some time, in which 4 employees are seen sleeping with their backs straight in the office. His chair is also a recliner, which can be converted into a bed. People are praying that this happens in their country too. In Japan it is called ‘inemuri’, which means ‘sleeping on duty’.

Why is this feature available in Japan?
In Japan, it is believed that inemuri is a sign that an employee is working hard, and that they are so dedicated to their job that they are willing to sacrifice their comfort to get the job done. By allowing their employees to sleep during the workday, employers show their trust and respect for their employees and their hard work.

Benefits of a 20 Minute Power Nap
If you take a 20-minute power nap in the afternoon, it recharges your body and mind. This brings a new energy to the body and you don’t feel lazy while working in the afternoon. Many studies have proven that doing this increases productivity and ultimately benefits both the employee and the company. Now it will be seen how many countries adopt this work culture of Japan.

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