Smokers have a lower risk of coronary heart disease: Survey


New Delhi: Another survey conducted on corona virus. According to an all-India CERO survey conducted by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in its nearly 40 organizations, smokers and vegetarians have lower CER positivity and show a lower risk of contracting the corona virus. The survey also found that people with blood group ‘O’ are less prone to infection. People in ‘B’ and ‘AB’ groups are at greater risk.

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The survey examined 10,427 adults working in the laboratory as well as their families on a voluntary basis. The study conducted by IGIB Delhi found that 1,058 out of 10,427 individuals had antibodies to SARS-COV-2.

Research also shows that people who smoke are less likely to be sero-positive. This is the first report in the general population and there is evidence that kovids may be resistant to smoking despite having respiratory disease. The research cites two studies from France, Italy, New York, as well as similar reports from China.

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