Some Important tips you have to follow before eating food , otherwise you’ll regret


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In running modern life we have fixed a specific scheduled time for eating food in morning, afternoon and night. Is this scheduled time for eating food is a really good habit or it actually a disease due to lifestyle changes. There are certain things should be followed before eating food.

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The correct time to eat food

Eat food only when you feel hungry because our body schedules the time for eating. Feeling hungry is a remainder reminding us to eat. The human stomach secrete juices and acids to digest food and produces the hungry feel. You feel hungry only when your body needs food, the food you eat is converted to glucose and utilized by organs. You feel thirst when your body needs water.

Some Important tips you have to follow before eating food ,

It’s is a natural process to drink water when we feel thirst and eat when we feel hungry. So eat when you feel hungry. It is good health habit.


How to eat food

Usually, we eat food in a very short time and just swallow it . For example, if a bike can carry only 2 person and if it is forced to carry 3 or more persons it will reduce the life of the bike, Like that our Stomach duty is only to digest the food not chewing .

If you swallow the food then you are forcing your stomach to do the duty of chewing it will result in stomach related disorders. Swallowing food will affect the stomach.

When to use your teeth

All are gifted with teeth in our mouth but for what purpose to chew the food. Chew your food and make it like a pulp and swallow it . It makes the digestion process easy and makes your stomach work normally.

Some Important tips you have to follow before eating food ,

Don’t drink water when you eat.

Don’t drink water during the time of eating will dilute the juices and acids secreted by stomach, because the concentration of acids in stomach is much needed for digestion.


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