Somewhere you also do not eat much red chili in food, know how it is harmful to health

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Chilli enhances the taste of food. Adding red chili to the vegetable makes the food spicy, spicy and tasty. Red chillies are used in most of the cuisines in India. There are many health benefits of eating red chillies in limited quantity. Due to the pungent nature of chillies, it helps in the release of saliva, as well as is helpful in digesting food.

Consuming red chili in the form of medicine provides relief, but its excessive use can also give you many problems. Let us know what are the health problems that can occur due to excessive consumption of red chili.

Red chili can cause acidity in the stomach:

Eating red chilies not only causes heartburn but also increases the problem of acidity. Even the burning in the stomach increases. If you constantly feel a burning sensation in the stomach and chest, then the biggest reason for this is that you are eating more red chilies.

Diarrhea can:

Eating too much chili in the food worsens the digestion. Consumption of this can cause diseases like diarrhea, as well as can disturb nausea.

Problems can increase in asthma:

If you have any respiratory disease including asthma, then red chili can be fatal for you. This can increase the risk of having an asthma attack. Eating red chilies in large quantities can cause swelling in the veins of your body.

Harmful in pregnancy:

Eating too much cayenne pepper during pregnancy can put the baby at risk of premature birth.

Stomach ulcer can be:

Eating red chilies can cause gastric and ulcer complaints in your stomach, which can harm health.

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